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3 WAYS to visit Montague!
1. Regular half-day tours
2. Hosted Conservation Stays
3. Self-guided Overnight Experiences

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Montague Island Tours provides visitors with the chance to explore this unique NSW south coast destination - Montague Island Nature Reserve - through regular half day (3-4 hr) offshore adventures or the opportunity to stay overnight in the island's restored Head Keeper's Quarters.

Whichever experience you choose, it will include:
• thousands of years of Aboriginal heritage
• over 125 years of lighthouse history
• the surrounding marine environment including the East Australian Current
• NSW's largest Little Penguin colony
• NSW's largest fur seal colony, with up to 1000 on the rocks in spring
• seasonably variable wildlife - always something different
• NPWS management and conservation projects on the island
• spectacular scenery
• spectacular views back to the mainland and out to sea

Access to Montague Island Nature Reserve is provided by a local charter operator from Narooma's Town Wharf.
The 9km trip takes around 30-40 minutes and is an adventure and educational experience in its own right with the great variety of marine life to be seen in the area.... perhaps seabirds such as the mighty Albatross or migrating Humpback Whales in season.
Year-round, the Island's Fur Seals are viewed up-close during your boat trip.

The Island is a significant feature of the Batemans Marine Park and an iconic destination for travellers to the NSW south coast and the beautiful Eurobodalla Shire - "Land of many waters".

Due to the island's Nature Reserve status, a Montague Island Tour is definitely the ONLY way to be able to venture ashore to experience this unique destination...

Montague Tours are winners of an Australian Tourism Award, 5 NSW State Tourism Awards, and an international IUCN/British Airways "Tourism for Tomorrow" Award. In 2008 the Tours won membership of the NSW Tourism HALL OF FAME, for winning three consecutive awards in the Ecotourism category.

Photos: Inger Vandyke, Narooma Charters, Tommy Salmon,, Adrienne Vukovic, NPWS, and the many friends of Montague Island

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29 October, 2009

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